First, we are going to listen to you, to learn more about you and your symptoms. We will analyze your case to see if you can benefit from the chiropractic care.


To determine if your body is functioning the right way, we perform specific computerized tests. If you have X-rays or an MRI we will ask you to bring them to examine them. Also the chiropractor will make a complete exam of your spine.


The report of findings is the second part of the first visit and its given to you the next time you come to our practice. We will explain the results of the tests and the chiropractor determines the specific care for each person, that is: the frequency of adjustments needed.

The chiropractor’s goal is not only to get rid of the symptoms, but correcting the cause. That’s why, even if most of our patients usually see positive changes quickly, the doctor’s recommendation is to follow the given program to stabilize and settle the changes in your spine.

The adjustments are soft, safe and effective.

Health Talk

It’s a free talk oriented to every person who would like to discover why it is of vital importance to take care of the spine. The key is that the spine is a bony structure that holds and protects a part of our nervous system: the spinal cord. And it’s from between the vertebras that all the branches of the spinal cord (the nerves) go to other parts of the body.

It is common that our vertebras get misaligned from different stresses and it’s fundamental to give their alignment back to prevent pain, dysfunction and illness.
Have you ever wondered if:

The fever is a positive or negative symptom? Do you think you have to take a pill to get it down at all means?

An anti-inflammatory or analgesic cures you or just covers the symptom?

Being healthy is the absence of symptoms? If so, why cancer or a heart attack have no symptoms until it´s too late?

Come to our free health talk and learn how Chiropractic can benefit you and your family.

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Approximately after a month of care, we make a revision to repeat the tests we made in the first visit. This is to measure how is each person evolving. Revisions will continue to take place all along the chiropractic care.