1. How should your body work?

The nervous system consists of: the brain, the spinal cord and nerves. Is the communication system of our body. If you put your hand on top of something hot, this will send your brain a signal through your nerves and your spinal cord. Your brain will give back the message “get off” or “its hot!!” everything in a few milliseconds.
In the same way your brain connects with your heart, lungs, immune system and every other organ in your body. A communication system that works at its full capacity is the foundation for good health.

2. The problem

Sometimes this communicative system weakens. In extreme cases like paralysis, the spine cord is so damaged that the brain no longer can communicate with a part of your body. Is 0% communication. This is a challenge for the person’s health.
However, in most cases, the miscommunication is not that severe, but still affects health. If the nervous communication of your body is not at 100%, this one will start to crumble slowly and will develop illneses, disfunctions or pain.

3. Why is your body break down?

There are many reasons why your body breaks down. Chiropractors work on one of the most frequent causes: spinal misalignment, also called subluxation.
Any trauma, traffic accident, fall, sport injury, bad posture or even emotional stress or other factors as lack of sleep or bad eating habits, submit your spine to a lot of stress getting your vertebras to misalign. These subluxations are the cause of the communication interference of your nervous system.

4. The solution

Chiropractors are experts in detecting these misalignments in your spine. Also, the doctors could determine if the subluxation is the cause of the interferences in your nervous system.
If a misalignment is found, the doctor is highly qualified to correct this problem helping your body to go back to its natural position by itself.

University Level Education

The chiropractor’s education is university level and equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. The course has a 6 academic years duration, around 5500 academic hours.
In United States they get the Doctor in Chiropractic degree after 8 years. In British and French universities they get the degree after 6 years. The difference of a Doctor in Chiropractic is that they are specialized in the nervous system and are highly prepared to detect and adjust the subluxation or interference that is not allowing the patient to function at its full health potential.